The City/Warehouse Quarters is an area of Edward City and leads to the Outside of City/Highway.


It is a wide open yard with many crates blocking the path.


Upon entry, a short cutscene will play where Dylan encounters the Tyrannosaurus once again. He manages to dodge it before being rammed, and quickly jumps into a tank. From this point on, player will drive the tank through the Warehouse Quarters while being chased by the T. rex from behind. Make sure to blast the crates that are blocking the path. With plenty of shots, the T. rex will temporary fall down and player will get a huge amount of bonus points. If the T. rex is successfully knocked down once again, more bonus points can be obtained. Unfortunately, players are unable to heal themselves while in the tank mode.

By driving ahead and into the far end, a gate will automatically close where Dylan tank managed to get across. Unable to cross over due to the tank blocking the way, the Tyrannosaurus walks away in the end.


Location Localization Original Script
During tank minigame IMMEDIATE Maneuver the tank and get through this area. Use the L1/R1 buttons to turn the cannon and the action button to fire the cannon. Also by using the sub-weapon button, you can fire a flash bomb to slow down the enemy.



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