The Chemical Manual (tentative) is a file in Dino Crisis.


Lounge (2)

The file location.

The file can be found inside the Lounge of the Facility 2F.


New Product Descriptions:

  • Recovery Aid
  • An. Aid
  • Intensifier
  • Multiplier

The four chemicals listed above feature our company's latest advancements.

They are designed to perform exceptionally, particularly on the front lines, where only the minimum amount of equipment is accessible.

By mixing chemicals, the following 2 types of supplies can be created:

  • Recovering Type:

It quickly recovers lost vitality.

  • Anesthetic Type:

Applied to the need of a bullet or needle, it can put the target to sleep.

Supplies that are produced by chemical mixing can be made even more effective with additional mixing.

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.


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