Chat Log 1 is a file in Dino Crisis 3.


Chat Log 1 can be downloaded from the first save point in Front Deck/Starboard. If it is not downloaded here, later save terminals will offer it.


Chat Log/Sept 12 (0:23-0:36)
●>Anything new on α2?
■>I heard the plants are holding out pretty good
●>No Kidding!
■>And rumor has it that there's plenty of water on the planet...

●>Sounds like colonization is going to be a breeze.
■>As I said, it's only a rumor.
●>Yeah. But I'd like to think it's true.
■>I know what you mean.
●>Hard to believe we're almost there!
■>Yeah. It's been a looooooong trip!

●>I think I'll hit the sack and dream about α2.
■>Sounds good to me!
●>Sweet dreams, buddy!

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