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Central Stairway

Enemies:Therizinosaurus (x2)
Map:Facility B3
Links:Rest Station
Passageway to the Experiment Area
Port Transport Passageway
Tracks used:Heading for the port
Call from survivor
Seek for the generator

The Central Stairway is an area of the Facility B3 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a T-shaped corridor with a shutter at its end.


There are two Therizinosaurs stalking in this area. It is best to avoid fighting the Therizinosaurs in this area if low on ammo as the enemies respawn, and run for the staircase instead. However, if Regina does not kill one of the dinosaurs and goes back to the Rest Station, it will pursue her. There is a plug on the ground between the shutters. There are also two Emergency Boxes found by the A level door. They require three plugs (Red Box) and one plug (Green Box) to open. When the player returns to this room after finding the DDK Code Disc W at Stabilizer Design Room, Rick will tell Regina that he bypassed the security system and B2 and B3 electronic shutters can now be passed through, including those in here.


Location Localization Original Script
Switch for the laser shutter Will you push the switch? Yes / No

(Yes) Nothing happened.

Red Emergency Box You can store ammo in this Emergency Box. You need 3 plugs to open this Emergency Box.

(Without plugs) You do not have enough plugs.

(With plugs) Will you use the plug? Yes / No

Green Emergency Box You can store medical supplies in this Emergency Box. You need 1 plug to open this Emergency Box.

(Without plug) You do not have enough plugs.

(With plug) Will you use the plug? Yes / No

Large door You need a key card with a grade of Lv. A or higher to open this door.




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