A successful attempt at developing the superior life-form, Cebalrai is capable of surviving in space. Extremely resilient, the creature is the rigel's final stage of growth. Cebalrai displays aggressiveness that is well beyond its predatory instinct. It is named after the star Beta Ophiuchi, the traditional name of which being Cebalrai.


Created by M.T.H.R. in her second attempt to create a life-form capable of surviving in the vacuum of space; the previous failed experiment was the Australis. It went unnoticed by the S.O.A.R. team until it almost killed Patrick in the Deck Sector.

After the M.T.H.R. was terminated, Cebalrai attacked the two surviving S.O.A.R. team members and a sentient android called "Caren". Chasing them down a shaft, its great mass weakened the structure. Noticing this, Caren Velasquez sacrificed herself in luring the beast to come to the edge, where the structure gave way and collapsed with the beast going down with it.

Just before the Ozymandias was destroyed, Cebalrai escaped from its metaphorical tomb and made its way into vacuum. There, it attacked a support ship that had been docked with the Ozymandias. After a battle with Patrick Tyler, the beast was defeated by the Final Wasp and was knocked into the vacuum of space.

Physical DescriptionEdit


Cebalrai, after a mutation

As with the Australis, Cebalrai is capable of releasing a strong bio-electric field to stun its prey. However, it does not have the ability to regain health like the aforementioned Australis. While the Australis can send a great wave of electric power over great distance, the Cebalrai is only capable of releasing the electric power to the front, damaging anything in its path. Unlike the other creatures in Dino Crisis 3, the Cebalrai can stretch its necks.

The Cebalrai is highly reminiscent of the Giganotosaurus. It possessed two heads similar to a Carcharodontosaurid, two tails, large body and powerful legs. Like in its younger Rigel form, Cebalrai is capable of undergoing further metamorphosis by way of growing a third head (only in the final battle).


Like other large dinosaurs, the Cebalrai will often try to bite the player with its powerful jaws. Possessing two heads, it will be able to attack more often. It can also release electric blasts like Australis, though its own attacks are essentially more powerful.

In the first boss stage, it is recommended that players simply run away from it and continue to the Engines Sector, where it will stumble into a shaft in a cutscene.

In its second boss stage, players must simply fire at the Cebalrai to stop it from getting closer. WASPs can also help distract the beast while the player charges any laser-based weapons. Once its health is largely depleted, the Final WASP is available for use to defeat the creature.


  • Cebalrai growing it's third head is more similar to Hydra from Greek Mythology.
  • Cebalrai shooting laser beams is similar to King Ghidorah from the Godzilla franchise.



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