Carnotaurus is a large carnivorous dinosaur that was taken by the Noah's Ark Plan personnel to the distant future. They have distinct bull-like horns (hence the "taurus", Greek for "bull", in their name), and appear to exhibit sexual dimorphism. The Carnotaurus lived in the Cretaceous Period.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Carnotaurus were built like most carnivorous dinosaurs, save for the Carnotaurus' distinctive bull-like horns, and their unusually short arms, much shorter than those of a Tyrannosaurus. This dinosaur is significantly smaller than Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus, but was roughly the same length (at least in comparison with Allosaurus) measuring up to 9 meters only. Despite its bulky-size, Carnotaurus had powerful long legs and a flexible body to assure fast agility. It is speculated that Carnotaurus only feeds on small dinosaurs, lizards and prehistoric rodents.

Like its arms, Carnotaurus' skull was relatively short and blunt, but had a high degree of flexibility which allowed it to open its jaws wider than any other dinosaur, similar to modern snakes. This allowed the dinosaur to swallow smaller prey whole. The jaws were enabled for quick bites (as demonstrated in the game itself). In addition to this, the Carnotaurus had a strong bite-force twice as high as an alligator, though the jaws were not suited in high precision of catching small prey, the bites were surely used to weaken smaller prey, like small-sized Sauropods. This concludes that Carnotaurus lived much as an ambush predator, mainly preying on larger animals (this more time frequently shown in the game).


Mike Wired first encountered a breeding pair of Carnotaurs after a brief attack from a wave of Velociraptors sent by "Trinity". Attacking the raptors, one of the pair ate one before they both turned their attention to Mike. At some point afterwards, they were subject to the Third Energy anomaly and taken into the temporal nexus known as "Hyperspace" and fought Mike there for a second time. The final encounter with the Carnotaurs takes place in the abandoned city. After battling them, they flee, only to be caught in the tracks of the Jet-black Tyrannosaurus and are presumably killed by it.


They always confront the player together. The Carnotaurus have two distinct attacks, a tail whip and charge and bite. Weapons such as shotgun and grenade launcher are useful to keep them at bay. It should be noted that the Carnotaurs can also "play" with the player, with one approaching slowly while the other charges right away.


  • Because each Carnotaurus is a different color, it is possible they are a male and female. Their horns are also of a different size.
  • Carnotaurus was placed in as a replacement for Dino Crisis 2's Allosaurus because it was easier to animate.