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  • Zeref Fullbuster

    Do you think we can create character pages for the characters that appear in the manhua like they do for the characters of the BIOHAZARD manhuas of resident evil?

    • Tom (Cyber Zone)
    • Edward Kirk (Cyber Zone)
    • Regina (Cyber Zone)
    • Gail (Cyber Zone)
    • Rick (Cyber Zone)
    • Cooper (Cyber Zone)
    • Guerrilla leader

    • Tom (manhua)
    • Edward Kirk (manhua)
    • Regina (manhua)
    • Gail (manhua)
    • Rick (manhua)
    • Cooper (manhua)
    • Guerrilla leader
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  • Danskyl7ultimate Nemesis

    Hi Dansky here, doing my first blog in Dino Crisis wiki. For your information, i played little of Dino Crisis, i completed Dino Crisis 2 but never played Dino Crisis 3. I noticed that there are pages in this wiki which contains sub between items and location, lack of image, and room that needed to be filled. I been busy lately trying to filled them out the best i can, and try to categorized them according to the right source. I'm in need of some help for any Dino Crisis wiki contributor to help me in this wiki. Basically on pages that needed to be filled.

    Here is the stub pages so far.

    If anything, just post it on my message wall. Thats all, bye!

    03:01, August 12, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Forerunner

    Success! We're beginning the process of transcribing the Japanese Dino Crisis 2 files over to the wiki so that, in future, we can compare the two and find any translation errors - Dino Crisis 2/errors will be used to catalog the findings. As of right now, we have finished transcribing Velociraptor and Doctor's Papers, Time shift.

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