The Backyard of the Facility is the first area that Regina enters in Dino Crisis. It is located in Facility 1F and it houses a small guard outpost as well as the Material Storage building. A locked gate leads to the Generator Yard and then on to the Backup Generator Room B1. A door to the Office Hallway is located in this area.


A guard room is located here, though it is abandoned. There are broken fences just directly ahead from the Material Storage with few blood stains on the floor.


As Regina enters this area for the first time, Rick tells her that he will head off to the Control Room 1F. After gaining Regina's control, player is free to walk around the place before having a brief scene with Gail where he discovered a broken fence. Assuming Regina's role, player can enter the Material Storage afterwards.

To enter the Generator yard, the B1 Backup Generator Room Key is required to enter.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking the guard room Watch room of the guards. It's dark and no one seems to be inside.
The broken fences It has been ripped apart with great force.
Checking on Gail (After the scene) He is checking the ground.
The gate to the Generator yard (Without the key) You need the B1 Backup Generator Room Key to open this door.
The door to the Office Hallway I should leave the inside to Rick
The gate to the Generator yard (With the key) You have used the B1 Backup Generator Room Key.


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