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Back Door Accessway ②
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Map:Missile Silo
Links:Back Door Accessway ①

Launch Site Back/Door Entrance

Back Door Accessway ② is an area of the Missile Silo. This is the last time the Inostrancevia will be encountered.


This is the second Back door Accessway venture in the Missile Silo. Much like the other ares, this room has been ravaged by the Giganotosaurus. The door at the far end left leads to the Launch Site Back/Door Entrance.


Inostrancevia are encountered as enemies again and they will stalk the place either from the broken walls or straight ahead. With the debris blocking the path, avoiding them might prove difficult.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Auxiliary fuel tank CHECK It's an auxiliary energy fuel tank for the missile silo. It didn't explode because it was empty.


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