Australis was a failed experiment from an attempt to create a creature capable of surviving in the vacuum of space. Failure to develop a suitable skin resulted in its exposed musculature. However, its self-healing properties and ferocious disposition make it a formidable foe to any that cross its path.

Physical DescriptionEdit

At twenty two meters long and seven meters tall, it is a formidable creature. The Australis are made from the DNA of a Tyrannosaurus. It is one of the largest and most dangerous dinosaurs in the series, with its main comparisons being only the Cebalrai and Miaplacidus. It is only two inches longer than the former, and three feet-six inches longer the latter. Equipped with an electricity-generating organ, the creature releases shock blasts. Unlike T. rex, however, it had two rows of teeth, sharing a trait with sharks.


The Australis was an experiment made by the MTHR, who followed a pre-recorded order made for her to generate a new breed of mankind to colonize an outer planet, far from Earth. The first Australis seen is also the first dinosaur seen in the game. It ambushes the group when they enter the ship, but it's attention is then diverted when it hears something that turns out to be a vast quantity of hungry Rigels, which in an agonizing death, eat the Australis alive from the inside out. A second was encountered by Patrick Tyler as he activated the Power Station.

A third was released in the Hangar Deck by M.T.H.R. whilst life support was malfunctioning, in an attempt to remove the threat quickly, while the fourth Australis encountered was defeated in the Engines Sector thanks to the cooperation of Patrick and Sonya.

Gameplay Edit

Since Australis is slightly weaker than the other large dinosaurs, players shouldn't have much trouble defeating this dinosaur. Laser weapons are useful against Australis, provided they also use WASP to inflict extra damage, as Australis is capable of regenerating its own health. That, coupled with its ability to send electric wave through the battle area, makes the Australis a dangerous enemy.

The fourth and last Australis must be defeated quickly by both Patrick and Sonya, as the battle commences during a self-destruct sequence. You may actually need a large supply of WASP to take down the Australis immediately. This must be done in order to spare more time to escape the ship, not to mention that enemy grunts such as Algol will disturb you a lot during your escape.



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