Allosaurus is a file in Dino Crisis 2.



Odd Lizard


8.5 meters


3.0 meters

Observation Record
Anyone who encounters this dinosaur will feel threatened. Although they're over eight meters in height, they can easily jump over obstructions which are two meters high. They are relentless killers and will not let a prey escape from them.

Their prey is not limited to herbivores. They also feed on small carnivores. You should look out for the Allosaurus in areas where raptors are present. There have been sightings of the Allosaurus hunting in groups. We figure there are quite a number of them.

Combat notes
They always position themselves to face their enemy. This is probably because they have a real hard armor on their head. Shooting their head will not really hurt them.

A smart way of killing it is to go around to their side and shooting them in the side of their stomach. However, their quick feet makes it difficult to move to their side. If this technique is difficult, you'll have to rely on a weapon with fire power.


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