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Main gameEdit


The Allosaurus is capable of seven distinct moves in the main game. The names and stats are based on information from the DINO CRISIS 2 Official Guide Book.[1]

Move Damage Description
Biting (かみつき Kamitsuki?) 130+130 (Bleeding status from first bite)
Kuwae aruki (くわえ歩き?) 40
Run biting (走りかみつき Hashiri kamitsuki?) 200 (250 with fall damage)
Tail (尻尾 Shippo?) 180 (220 with fall damage)
Trampling (踏みつけ Fumitsuke?) 220
High biting (高所かみつき Kōsho kamitsuki?) 200


It's head is heavily armored, capable of being highly resistant gunfire up to and over pistol rounds and buckshot rounds. To maximize this advantage, the Allosaurus uses it's agility to keep its head constantly in front of its prey. This threat is doubled, as Allosaurus sometimes works in numbers. Despite these strengths, the Allosaurus is vulnerable to fire attacks from flamethrowers and higher-caliber weapons such as the Anti-Tank Rifle and Heavy Machine Gun. In one section of the game, an onslaught of Allosaurus attacks the player, who should make use of the artillery support. Towards the end of the game, an Allosaurus kills David Falk. It also makes an appearance in the game Namco X Capcom as an enemy.

At some point in battles, constantly using flamethrowers on an Allosaurus would send it to "berserk state", in which the dinosaur's body color turns red, and may exhibit increased aggressiveness, as well as higher attack power.

In one part of the game, it serves as a living barrier, blocking vital passages between areas. It is best to be evaded if possible. Once the player is capable of killing it, its territory would then be overtaken by Pteranodons.

Dino Crisis 2: Extra CrisisEdit


Allosaurus description in Extra Crisis

Allosaurus is playable in Extra Crisis. It boasts average speed and decent attack power. In Dino Duel mode, Player 2 gets an Albino Allosaurus if they select it.


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