Algol is a type of genetically-engineered dinosaurs made by M.T.H.R. They are one of the most common enemies in Dino Crisis 3.

Physical Description Edit

An Algol is highly agile and has well-developed hind legs that enable tremendous jumps. When agitated, it can release shock blasts from the electricity-generating organ on its head. By manipulating its genes, high-level survival instincts have been installed. Algols are group-conscious, and hunt in packs. Later in the game, Algols are shown to have a chameleon-like 'cloak' ability, but far more advanced, allowing it to be 100% see through apart from the edges.

Gameplay Edit

These are the "grunts" of Dino Crisis 3, as players can encounter Algol almost anywhere in the game. Using light firearms should be enough to dispose of a pack of Algol. Later in the game, Algols would be able to cloak themselves, so players must keep an eye on them should they blow their cloaking ability and make themselves vulnerable.


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