3rd Energy Facility/Walkway③ is an area of the Third Energy Facility.


This is the third walkway of the 3rd Energy Facility before reaching the Control Room.


In this room, the Plesiosaurus will be encounter (this can be used to extract more bonus points using the Heavy Machine Gun). There is a boat in between the walkway that contains a box required the Boat Box Key. Inside the box is the Elevator four security code for the Sub Level Elevator.


Location Localization Original Script
Box at the boat It's a box for putting small repair tools. You need the key to open this box.
Fuel tank control panel It's the control for operating the fuel tank. The fuel meter is reading zero. There's no need to operate it.
Fuel tank It's a large fuel tank. Probably used for the fueling the boat at the dock.
Water storage tank ahead It's a water storage tank used for the analysis of water quality.
Box (After the code is obtained) There is no need to open it.



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