3rd Energy Facility/Storage Space is an area of the Third Energy Facility.


This is the Storage Space of the 3rd Energy Facility, few containers and barrels can be seen in this area along with some few dead soldiers.


Just like the Walkway 2 of the 3rd Energy Facility, this area is swarming with flying Pteranodon. From the dead soldier, a Soldier's note can be found. The door towards the [h[3rd Energy Facility/Walkway ③]] is required a verification from the 3rd Energy Facility Keycard which can be found from the Jungle/Passage to North Route.

If Regina enter the second floor from the Control Room, a mechanic ID can be obtained from a dead mechanic and it can be used to verified the Sub Level Elevator. Keep in mind that Pteranodon also flying around the place.


Ground Platform
Location Localization Original Script
The crashed truck Must have been attacked by the dinosaurs while getting supplies.
Dead mercenary Must have died in the past few days. His midsection looks like it has been blown away. It appears that the winged beasts had found him.
Door toward the next walkway It's electronically locked. To unlock, you need the 3rd Energy Facility Key Card.
First Platform
Location Localization Original Script
Dead mechanic There's an ID card inside his shirt pocket.
Dead mechanic (After obtaining the mechanic's ID) There is a tool box with repair tools inside. But there isn't a tool that's of any use.
Small boiler There is a small boiler. It must have been built after their arrival to this world.



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