3rd Energy Control Room is an area of the Third Energy Facility.


This is the control room for the 3rd Energy Facility. There are numerous computer here, thought they are not anything useful in particular.


There is an electronic Elevator which leads to the Passageway to Sub-Level, though requires four digits to operate. The Box from the boat have the digits for it. The Boat Box Key is located here.


Location Localization Original Script
Elevator There is no response. To use this elevator, you need to operate the control terminal next to the elevator.
Elevator control terminal To operate this control terminal you need the mechanic's ID card.
Control terminal at the centre It's a control terminal to check the operating status of the electrical generation of this facility. It appear as though they only have one generator to support the whole facility.
Screen Displayed on the screen of the terminal is the total amount of energy generated from this facility. They probably were planning to distribute the power using the computer.
Desk on the left side They left a small communication device on the desk. They must have used it to communicate with the other facilities.
Elevator control panel (After the correct code has been entered) Security code confirmed. You can operate the elevator.



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