(Based on the dates given in the games)

Future Earth


  • February 2: Caren Velasquez (ID. A00008) joins the crew as a second generation member.
  • February 25: According to Captain Satoko Evans' log, this is the date that the Ozymandias leaves the Earth.


  • April 29: The Energy Sector is designated a high security zone again. Full access is restricted to holders of the Security Pass lvl IV.


  • August 23: Mark Hillman loses 'Data Storage Media' in the Deck Sector.


  • September 6: Radiation from a2 causes irregular surges in the ships energy distribution.
  • September 11: The doctor treats 40 patients. All patients have a mild form of radiation illness. To his horror, the patients were previously worked on port-side facilities when infected.
  • September 12: The doctor informed the captain that he has discovered the radiation illness has infected over 40 crew-members.
  • September 13: Captain Evans informs the doctor of the situation.
  • September 14: Captain Evans announced to the entire ship crew that their journey might end in a grim fate.
  • September 15: The Medical Block is now understaffed and unable to handle constant emergency calls. Over 80% of the crew are now infected. The H-IIIA Androids are instructed to handle the space funerals.
  • September 16: The ships main doctor, possibly the last medical practitioner alive on the ship, curses the day he ever went aboard the ship. The remaining Ozymandias crews were instructed to preserve their DNA and cell samples for the MTHR to create a new breed of human to colonize a2.
  • C. September 20: At the accelerating amount of death, all crew-members are deceased by this date.

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