The Third Energy Criticality Incident,[note 1] otherwise known as the "Dr. Kirk recapture operation",[1][note 2] was a catastrophic ecological disaster which took place as a result of a Third Energy experiment in 2009. It coincided and overlapped with a foreign government to investigate Dr. Kirk and repatriate him.


At the beginning of the 21st Century, Dr. Edward Kirk led a research team under government funding. The ultimate goal in the research was to create a new form of "clean energy", dubbed Third Energy. In 2006, the US government ceased funding the project, and Kirk turned to the Borginian Republic to continue his research, instead. Faking his death by causing an explosion in the American laboratory, Kirk flew to Ibis Island, where he continued his research for use by the Borginian military. The source of the explosion was an insufficiently-developed "Stabilizer", a safety valve where even a 6 nanosecond margin of error would doom the project in simulations.[2][3]

Hearing about a top-secret weapons development, the US government sent in an agent, Tom to investigate. He reported back that the leader of the research team was in fact Dr. Kirk.


After years of preparation, the research team finally tested their new Third Energy generator in 2009. However, the result of initiating such high energy levels had emerged an unexpected potential of the system - manipulation of space and time. The experiment resulted in a radius of 3300 feet of the epicenter to be subject to a temporal anomaly, exchanging pockets in space from the distant past - allowing extinct animals that had inhabited that area millions of years prior to be suddenly pulled into the present.

The generator was later set to overload, engulfing everything within its radius to a massive geographical time-shift - banishing it from the present.


In the decades after Regina triggered the reactor to "overload", temporal anomalies began to surface from the Cretaceous Era, and the "Noah's Ark Plan" was drawn up in the 2050s to prevent displacements from undoing humanity's own existence. This is later referred to as the "Spacetime Meteorite" for spelling the ultimate doom.[4]


  1. This name is gavered from the original version of the Dino Crisis 2 prologue/opening scene, where the "Third Energy Incident" is referred to by this name instead Sādo Enerugī bōsō jiken (サードエネルギー暴走事件?)
  2. Kāku-hakase dakkan sakusen (カーク博士奪還作戦?)
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